Friday, November 03, 2006

All seafood will be gone by 2050

Unbridled stupidity has erupted once again in the liberal-socialist world. A new, "comprehensive" report says we will run out of seafood by 2050. We have heard doomsday proclamations like this for decades, concerning oil, Alaskan pipelines, and the imminent death of the planet due to holes in the ozone layer. Each time, with no exceptions, we were treated to fearmongering of the highest order, and it turned out to be completely unfounded.

This is why I stopped watching Nature on PBS. The show used to be about wildlife, now it's only about how we evil humans are ruining everything. It's nauseating.

The Independent:

    All wild seafood will have disappeared from the world's menus within 50 years if current trends in overfishing continue according to one of the most comprehensive studies of marine life.

    The apocalyptic warning is issued by a team of ecologists and economists from a dozen research centres who have studied detailed records on fish catches going back to 1950.

    Their comprehensive study, published today by the journal Science, found the number of commercial fisheries that have collapsed was accelerating and that the total eradication of all fish stocks in the world is due to be completed by 2048.

It's comprehensive, as The Independent made sure we understood, so it must be true. I'm looking up, but the sky hasn't begun to fall yet.


David Drake said...

I just heard on CNN that there is a shortage of typing fonts and they claimed that by 2018 all creativity for designing new fonts will vanish.

I'm scared!

The Shaved Ape said...

It's Bush's fault. Go home, killer of font world!