Monday, July 17, 2006

Words I hate


Sensitivity is a good thing, but put "training" after the word, and we have a problem. If you have to be taught, in 2006, that African Americans don't like being called "colored," a two-hour PowerPoint presention isn't going to help much.


This word gives liberals a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. Their already enlarged hearts nearly burst while uttering it. The word is especially useful for talking about very nice things, like how a community can really pull together after a hurricane, or very bad things, like "The community has spiraled into violence."

The word "community" is nauseating to me. If I hear one more liberal wheenie say, "It gives me a sense of community," I'm going to vomit. Give alienation a chance!


Breaking up became a lot more difficult because of "closure." Telling someone to get lost has somehow been replaced by an exit interview called "closure." And, when the family of a murder victim gets a chance to confront the killer, they never claim a sense of "closure" afterward.


Not that relationships are bad, but it's the way people throw this word around after liberals, namely Woody Allen, popularized it. Heterosexual men no longer feel like idiots when talking about relationships with other men, when they should.


This "science" removed personal responsibility from culture. We all became victims when psychology gained a foothold, and society has suffered ever since. Psychology, psychiatry, and therapy are wholly liberal, and should be met with skepticism.


Did you know that sexual predators cannot be rehabilitated? Liberal judges don't. Countless children have had their lives ruined because of "rehabilitation." Liberal Judge Cashman of Vermont recently gave probation to a man who repeatedly raped a six-year-old girl because he believed rehab is better outside of prison. Let's get back to basics: prison is for punishment, not rehab. Sexual predators should be permanently removed from society at the first offence.


I actually like the idea of time-outs, even for adults, but if the behavior doesn't change, a moderate whack should be administered. Negative reinforcement works.


This is a political ruse employed by minorities who didn't get enough free stuff from the "gubment."


Ordinarily this is a good word, but hide your wallet when it rolls from a liberal tongue. To a liberal an "investment" means a tax increase. "We're going to increase the investment in our children" means the liberal wants to substantially raise taxes for education. "Investment" is an example of a common liberal ploy -- if a word develops a negative connotation, just change it.

The perfect example of this are words used for African Americans (who are overwhelmingly liberal). At one time they felt "negro" and "colored" were good words for them. The United Negro College Fund and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People prove this. But call an African American "colored" or a "negro" today and watch what happens. Once these words developed a perceived negative connotation, they were changed.


Liberals recently gave us a new meaning for this word. Recognizing that "withdrawal" is unpopular when discussing U.S. troops in Iraq, John Kerry and his far-left band of nutjobs have changed to "redeployment." Which segment of society is fooled by this shell game? The coma ward and voters easily confused by ballot cards.


This is a misnomer, as "progressives" (hardcore liberals) think progress means nationalizing healthcare, increasing taxes across the board for bloated welfare programs, and running away from a war zone before the job is done. The term has been used by liberals for decades, but it has enjoyed a comeback in the last ten years. This is the liberal ploy I referenced earlier. "Liberal" and "socialist" have a negative connotation these days, so they're using a different word to describe the same thing.

A special thanks to NPR for keeping these words fresh in my mind. And thank you to D.D. for a few good suggestions.

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