Friday, November 03, 2006

Pre-USA election violence in Iraq

Are liberals asking themselves why violence in Iraq is spiking just before our elections? I'll answer it for them, since their heads are too far in the sand to figure it out.

The only way to defeat the U.S. military is in the liberal U.S. press. That was learned in Vietnam and Somalia. Dead American soldiers on the front pages of newspapers in the U.S. cause people to believe we will lose. The cycle is repeating, but only liberals fail to grasp that the cycle is imaginary. We can and will succeed in our mission in Iraq if idiot liberals would simply take note of what is going on.

There's a reason Blackhawk Down was Saddam Hussein's favorite movie. There's a reason al-Qaeda has stated that if they can get enough press coverage in the U.S., they can win.

The lead story at Yahoo News right now, from Reuters:

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi government put the army on alert ahead of Sunday's verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial for crimes against humanity, as a spike in violence kept up pressure on President George W. Bush before U.S. elections.

    Baghdad police found 56 bodies and a severed head over 24 hours and the U.S. military reported seven combat deaths.

    The seven U.S. deaths on Thursday were an unusually heavy toll for a single day. The body count in the capital was the highest since the end of Ramadan around 10 days ago, according to figures provided by an interior ministry source on Friday.

If you read the story and come away feeling like we're losing and should run away, you're a liberal who is contributing to the problems in Iraq and the larger problem of global terrorism. Get a spine and a brain, liberals, and try not to be so cowardly. It's damaging my country and killing our soldiers.

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