Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The real story of guns is very different from Obama's propaganda

Our president and his Democratic Party want to take away your right to defend yourself. They also want the people to be unable to take down a tyrannical government -- the very purpose of the Second Amendment. A few years ago Ted Nugent said something applicable: We need to stop the "braindead celebration of unarmed helplessness."

When you review the list below, think about where the police were at the time of these incidents. They were nowhere, because police only respond after somebody gets shot, beaten, strangled, raped, etc. We are responsible for our own safety. Don't let Democrats take that away from us. Obama says any gun with a 10-round clip or more is a "weapon of war." Really??? You're sleeping in your house, it's pitch black, and people break in threatening to kill you and your family. You won't have time to turn on a light or put your contacts in or even squint -- how many rounds will it take to put down the people trying to kill your family? Will it take ten rounds, Obama, or might it take 11?

Apologies for any repeats...

1. In Wisconsin a man was rear-ended, then followed by the perpetrator into a parking lot, where he was threatened. The victim pulls a gun, stops being a victim. More here.

2. A Detroit basketball coach was walking two girls to their cars when thugs showed up and pulled guns. The coach shot them both. More here.

3. In Gainesville, Florida, a man wielding a shotgun forced his way into a house and was shot to death by the occupants. More here.

4. In Marion County, Florida a man threatens an ex-girlfriend, jumps on the hood of her car as she tries to escape. Man stays on for 10 miles, threatening to harm her the entire way. Eventually the woman shot him through the windshield. More here.

5. Jefferson, Indiana -- thief stopped by armed homeowner. Thief arrested. More here.

6. A man is robbed in Houston; two good Samaritans give chase and shoot the guy. More here.




10. 72-year old man shoots an intruder in Las Vegas, with video here.

11. Four scum break into a home in Arizona, one approaches homeowner and gets himself shot. More here.

12. Gary, Indiana: carjacker takes one in the back from car owner. More here.

13. In Philadelphia an armed robber makes an attempt at the cash drawer at a deli. Co-owner comes out from the back with his own gun and kills the robber. More here.

14. Man attacks pregnant woman in New Mexico; an 87-year-old man shoots him. More here.

15. Virginia: Off duty Sheriff deputy returns home to find a burglary in progress, shoots and kills one of the burglars. More here.

16. In Chehalis, Washington, an intruder is shot and held for arrest by homeowner. Quote from head of the local neighborhood watch: "I think it proves the point that we need guns. I am always armed." More here.

17. Near St. Louis, MO: Man breaks into house, puts one of two occupants in a headlock, who begins to turn blue. Other occupant shoots him multiple times. More here.

18. Pensacola, Florida: Three teens strike 72-year-old homeowner with a baseball bat. Old man shoots two out of three. More here, with video.

From the Moron Files:

"One issue that always boggles my mind is the idea that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth." -- Emeryville, Calif. police chief Ken James, idiot




21. Business defended with AR-15 assault rifle:

22. In Dallas an elderly man shoots and kills an intruder. More here.

23. Grandmother scares off armed robber:

24. Northern California armed robber shot and killed. More here, with news video.

25. Apartment burglars in Miami get shot. More here.

26. Utah man holds burglar at gun point (9mm handgun) until police arrive. More here.

27. Philadelphia man, home at night with two children in the house, shoots and kills an intruder. More here.

28. Phoenix store attempted robbery, twice. First time a store employee pulls his own gun and scares away the robber. Attempt No. 2 involves armed citizens capturing the robber and holding him until police arrive. Liveleak video here.

29. California business owner has been robbed 15 times. He said, "This is my property; I'm going to defend it." He sleeps overnight in his store with a gun and captures robber. More here.

30. In Miami a robber pulls a gun on a family at Burger King. Family man pulls a gun and shoots the robber. More here.

31. Two armed robbers killed in a gunfight with homeowner in North Carolina. More here.

32. In Forth Worth, Texas a robber was shot dead by intended victim. More here.

33. Should have had a gun in Miami, when a father -- without a gun -- attacked two armed robbers to prevent them from getting into his 11-year-old daughter's bedroom. Father is killed. More here.

34. Should have had a gun in Titusville, Fla.: Older lady attacked in front of her home and pistol whipped by three robbers. More here.

35. In Bethel Park, Penn., a man attacks music store owners with a club. One of the victims pulls a gun and stops being a victim -- shoots attacker dead. More here.


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