Monday, June 05, 2006

San Diego airport too small, city too stupid

The Navy and Marines have pleaded, asked, told, and finally gave a firm, "No." But San Diego just won't listen. They want to share or take over a military air station for civilian flights. My pleasant neighbors to the south are too dumb to grasp the basic concept enshrined in the simple word, "No."

The San Diego International Airport (Lindberg Field) is too small, with no room for expansion. It is the busiest, single-runway airport in the country, serving the five million people of San Diego County, plus a good many from Orange County, Tijuana, and parts east.

So the morons down in San Diego (I think Diego was the saint of good weather) have been considering alternative airport sites for many years. The obvious choice is to build a new airport 40 minutes east of town in the barren, lifeless desert. But that might displace a single stalk of tumbleweed! the environmentalists cry. So, the airport commission has been eyeing two large military air stations, one of which is the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station made famous by the movie "Top Gun".

The military keeps asking the commission to stop looking at the bases for shared-use flights, and the commission keeps spending millions of dollars to consider them. Today the commission listed Miramar as its No. 1 choice.


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