Sunday, June 04, 2006

Canadian Muslims 'relieved'?

The A1 story at CAIR's website says 'Canadian Muslims Relieved Terror Attacks Averted.' I want to believe! There is evidence to the contrary, however. Robert Spencer notes that one of the leaders of the Toronto Mosque, the largest in North America, was involved in the recent terrorism bust.

    It doesn't matter if he was an imam or a "freelancer." He was on the Board, which gave him a certain weight in the community. His views were, in other words, not held up as heretical and rejected by the mosque leaders. He was one of those leaders.

The bust yielded three tons of ammonium nitrate. Were Muslims going to use the chemicals (the same used to destroy the federal building in Oklahoma City) in their public relations campaign? It looks like a case of asking us to believe words, but ignore deeds. This practice was perfected by the pioneer of Muslim terror, Yes Sir Arafat.

LGF has this commentary:

    Well, as details emerge about the suspects, the shocks just keep on comin’. Because amazingly, astoundingly, in some inexplicable way that surpasses all understanding, some of the suspects were probably radicalized in a mosque.

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