Monday, June 12, 2006

Liberals lament death of Zarqawi

Five items for your pleasure...

5. Newsbusters has compiled the top 20 political blogs -- using data and estimates.

(Based on SiteMeter data and Alexa estimates)
1. Huffington Post 530,000*
2. Daily Kos 490,261
3. National Review 355,000*
4. Raw Story 354,152
5. Free Republic 255,000*
6. Crooks and Liars 177,634
7. 142,855
8. Michelle Malkin 131,645
9. Eschaton 115,447
10. Talking Points Memo 110,000*
11. Common Dreams 105,774
12. America Blog 101,450
13. Little Green Footballs 100,098
14. Firedoglake 65,888
15. Power Line 65,723
16. NewsBusters 54,899
17. Wizbang 48,475
18. Washington Monthly 43,642
19. Hot Air 39,779
20. Hugh Hewitt 35,976

4. Teens have a cell phone ring tone that adults can't hear. Doesn't the vibrate setting make this unecessary? AP.

3. If you're like me, you have been wondering why the left is more upset over Zarqawi's death, particularly whether or not he was beaten to death by U.S. forces, than any of the civilian beheadings ordered by Zarqawi. Do you still think Democrats / liberals / socialists are on our side in the war on terror? AP.

2. Tropical storm Alberto, who is rumored to be an illegal alien up from Ole Mexico, is prompting mass evacuations in Florida. Hey, Floridians, we don't want to hear about it any more. You chose to live there, and you can be quiet about it. AP.

1. Liberals are calling for the closure of GTMO over the three recent suicides. Are they calling for all U.S. prisons to be closed? Suicides are not uncommon in prisons. This headline at Huffington Post speaks volumes: "At Gitmo: Death Before Dishonor." These pukes are on the side of the terrorists. There's no other conclusion to be made. Reuters.

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