Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gore 'engaging,' Murtha's plan, and other stuff

Five items to make you shrug...

5. Three more terrorists croak. Whenever a terrorist kills himself without taking others with him, it's a good thing. These three amigos offed themselves at GTMO, leaving three fewer voices to whine that the air conditioning is too cold. BBC.

4. Murtha plans to run for House Majority Leader if Dems retake the House in November. Now we know what's behind his anti-American rhetoric: an appeal to his pathetic, far left base in an attempt to increase personal power. It is crystal clear now. LA Times.

3. Israel is not allowed to make a mistake. Hamas called off their truce with Israel after Israeli bombs mistakenly snuff a Palestinian family at the beach. Get ready for little kids to march with bomb vests. Boston Globe.

2. A new beheading video from Iraq should cheer liberals, who suffered a defeat this week with the annihilation of Zarqawi. AP.

1. Detroit Free Press says "Gore proves engaging in climate film." What? Gore couldn't engage a gnat.

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