Thursday, May 11, 2006

Voting NO to Republicans

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I've been dreading this day. I will stand by my word: Bush is giving my money to the Hamas terror organization, and therefore I will not vote for any Republican between now and 2026.

The Palestinians are presently chanting in the streets, "Death to America!," while burning the American flag -- and Bush is giving them my money?! They are still recruiting children for terrorism operations -- and Bush is giving them my money?! The PA is calling for the annihilation of a democratic neighbor -- and Bush is giving them my money?!

Bye-bye, GOP. I have principles, especially when we're talking about MY MONEY and MY SECURITY.


Shane McAdams said...

Whom will you vote for then, democrats or third parties? I agree with you in spirit, but I sure damn refuse to vote for a democrat.

The Shaved Ape said...

Absolutely no liberals, Shane. I'd rather have a bunch of autistic possums in office than a liberal Democrat.

It will probably be Libertarians, or possibly Independents.

This is kind of a sad day for me. Am I wrong, or was the Bush of five years ago really a "dissident", rejecting totalitarianism, terrorism, and our other worldly ills? Where did that guy go?

What happened to doing the right thing even if it was unpopular?

Our strong, post-9/11 leader and his stand against terrorism is the reason I drifted from Libertarian to Republican. That strong leader has left the building, so there isn't much reason for me to stay.

My only regret is that often a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for a Democrat. Not much I can do about that.

Shane McAdams said...

It will probably be Libertarians, or possibly Independents.

I agree. The hard part for me is the adage that "even a republican on their worst day is better than a democrat on their best day."

I think funding Hamas is f**ked policy, but is it any more f**ked than the money the U.S. gave (Bush and his predecessors as well) to the PLO?

I don'tknow if its one of those 'half dozen of one, 6 of the other' type of issues that may, in the long run, be a non-issue even though right now it appears as f**cked up and issue as you so write.

The Shaved Ape said...

Good point about the PLO. There is a difference between them and Hamas, if not a big one. Arafat, and by extension the PLO and Fatah, publicly renounced violence and also conceded that Israel may exist. We know Arafat was giving speeches of peace in English while calling for death to the UK, U.S., and Israel in Arabic.

Arafat was also the pioneer of modern Islamic terrorism. So, he's was a bad fuck, and so were the organizations he led, but he took the step of addressing the world and conceding on some key points.

Hamas is calling for another holocaust.