Friday, May 12, 2006

California school exit exams blocked

Imbecils will be allowed to graduate high school in California thanks to the Alameda County Superior Court.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

    The ruling by Judge Robert Freedman blocks the state from withholding diplomas for the first time from high school seniors who have satisfied all graduation requirements except one: passing the exit exam, a test of 7th- to 10th-grade English, math and algebra skills.

California liberals are against exit exams despite the fact that 12th graders are being tested on 7th to 10th grade skills, which they should have mastered years before the exam is administered.

Oh, and the students get five chances to pass. If a 12th grade student can't pass 7th-10th grade basic skills tests five times in a row, they are hopeless and should be left to wallow in school perpetually until they realize they must actually work hard to succeed.

Once again a liberal pattern emerges: protecting somebody's feelings is more important than insisting they succeed. Remember when liberals were against abolishing social promotion? Bubba Clinton proposed ending the practice and was met with resistance from his own followers. Liberals have also proposed ceasing the practice of marking wrong answers on exams with red markers, saying purple would spare students' feelings. Another whacked liberal feel-good idea was to stop using the term "fail," and instead use "deferred success."

I feel very sorry for the subnormal students who try to go out into the world and get jobs or attend college without knowing 7th grade math. I hope prospective employers and colleges have access to who flunked these exams.


Shane McAdams said...

And they will on go one to become unsucessful dentists and doctors who will fill the pockets of the semi-literate attorneys that they will need to represent them.

On the other hand, they call can just go into politics, right?

Shane Ashamed of his typing said...

that's supposed to be "they ALL..." not "call".

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, did I pass the test teechur?

The Shaved Ape said...

No, you didn't pass the test, but it doesn't matter. The liberal education system will congratulate you on achieving "deferred success" and then give you a diploma.

Shane McAdams said...

I'm offended.....I think....

donnab said...

self esteem is very important to instill in these students, no matter what their academic shortcomings might be. to put them down, as you do, is to take away the opprotunity for them to gain confidence in themselves, and that is wrong.

The Shaved Ape said...

"...and that is wrong."

Thanks, Da...errrr...donnab. I'll take that under advisement.