Thursday, May 11, 2006

Verify THIS!

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Occasionally Yahoo Mail tries an anti-spam device upon sending. How the f*** am I supposed to get this right?

I much prefer Blogger's verification.


Wheaticus Bucky said...

Holy Hemmorhoids, Bat Man, you mean there's something about that perfect and precisioned techonology and science that doesn't quite work the way you'd like it? Tsk-tsk, hypocracy thy name is Shaved Ape.

Keith Richards said...

Looks just fine ti me mate, I can read it.

The Real Buckus Wheatus said...

I've already decided science is the great evil of our time. May He (whoever that is) damn it to hell. Amen.

Reith Kichards said...

Hey, a plam teer...I'm ginna cilmb ti.