Wednesday, May 03, 2006

United 93 a must see

I just returned from seeing United 93. It's powerful.

The film made me think of many things:

++ What might have happened had Algore been president (shudder)? We'd have a leader who thinks like Ward Churchill -- that we deserved it, that we should look within for the causes of the attacks. We'd have a president who feels for the plight of the impoverished, disenfranchised "dissidents," "insurgents," or "freedom fighters". Never mind that we know these views of Islamic terrorists are completely misguided.

++ What might have happened had John Kerry become president? The United 93 hijackers were somewhat more than a "nuisance," Mr. Kerry.

++ All the Democrats who have spent the last five years saying the war on terror is "Bush's war on terror."

++ All the Democrats who feel putting people like the United 93 hijackers in Guantanamo is tantamount to sentencing them to a Soviet Gulag. The air conditioning was turned up too high, in Cuba in August, oh my! I think about how Democrats felt that enemy combatants who conspire to commit terrorist acts against America and our citizens, and who aren't covered by the Geneva Convention, should be released or tried in ordinary, civilian courts.

++ All the Democrats who feel that eavesdropping on terrorist communications within the United States is just awful.

++ All the Democrats who felt there was no connecton between Saddam Hussein and terror. How many $30,000 checks did he write to the parents of Palestinian terrorists for butchering innocent civilians? (Can it, because I'm not a Jew.) Also, the Palestinian (Arafat's bloodthirsty Fatah) mastermind of the Achille Lauro hijacking and murder was harbored by, you guessed it, Democratic pal Saddam Hussein.

++ All the Democrats who felt that warring against a brutal, genocidal dictator possessing weapons of mass destruction (5,000 dead Kurds, Iranian soldiers killed, repeated claims by Hussein himself that he had the weapons, and refusing to provide UN-mandated proof that the weapons were destroyed) was a bad idea because a proven corrupt, ineffective UN didn't like the idea.

++ All the Democrats who want to run away when things get difficult in Iraq (see Bill Clinton running away when a single chopper was lost in Mogadishu).

++ As I watched a realistic depiction of the horrific fate of the passengers of United 93, and their heroism and bravery, at the hands of Islamic terrorists, I considered how CNN, the New York Times, and nearly all other liberal media outlets won't use the term "Islamic terrorists". Most have adopted the so-called neutral term "militants", perhaps from fear of intimidation, or that peculiar liberal phenomenon of hyper-tolerance even when the concept results in the death of innocents. Or perhaps it's from an outright sympathy for the "militants".

++ I think about how fear of intimidation from Muslims has caused most media outlets to refrain from publishing the Muhammed cartoons, even when the Danish event was one of the biggest news stories of the year. And I consider how shows like Southpark will poke fun of any religion, but pulled a portion of a show poking fun of Islam.

Almost five years after 9/11, I'm still very glad we have a president who is not intimidated by terrorists and is willing to fight them on their own soil.

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