Monday, May 01, 2006

"Blogosphere" fading away

The blogosphere, the horde of unread, unfunny web logs, is shrinking. I spent the last two hours crawling around, hitting the blogrolls of many noteworthy blogs, and I noticed the number of dead links is soaring.

Some of these dead soldiers lead to a host's stock "the page you are looking for is not up your ass, nor is it present on this server" page, some give an almost remorseful Unix message indicating "\blog is not found", and others just...stop.

Ever find a blog showing a date of Feb. 10, 2004 as the most recent entry? Is that dude still telling himself he'll get back to it? Maybe when he cuts back on heroin.

To all the people who got so excited that even an idiot could do a blog, and then chapped their asses producing inferior, sophomoric drivel, and finally dumped it unceremoniously when it became, well, work, good riddance!

We'll take it from here.


phucku said...

we should be so lucky to have your blog just fade away.

Vigilante said...

Nah, Keep it going. There was a place in the 60's where all the points - for and against the war - had been made, formalized, and formula-ized (over and over). Still nothing happened except a few assassinations and a Republican escalation and 58,000 (eventuially) KIA's. Eventually "stay the course" lost out to "change course". We want to maintain the Vigil while this happens again. It's our obligation to our fellow countrymen, who still live inside their bubbles.

donnab said...

mr long's blog is a sexist, racist, males-only club mentality that glorifies war and discrimination. he is the one inside a bubble.