Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gas prices, Moussaoui, and other stuff

A few good blog entries...

5. "In November 2004, while serving with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, (Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Bradley) Kasal rushed into a house in Fallujah where Marines were trapped in a small room. They were pinned down by Iraqi insurgents firing into the house from a higher and superior position." Cowboy Blob.

4. "Well, if you believe the media, it’s those damn oil companies raising prices. I’m sure that the Democrats and the liberal environmentalists blocking refineries and drilling had nothing to do with oil prices." Flopping Aces.

3. "The other prisoners aren't exactly choir boys, but they're American. Something tells me that ol' Zach is going to be someone's bitch...or pincushion." Crush Liberalism thinks imprisonment may be better than death for Zacharias Mouassoui.

2. "Do you know how much Exxon-Mobil makes on a gallon of gas? I tell you, it's about 4.5 cents, the average between the big 4 is about 9 cents per gallon. That's right Exxon-Mobil only makes about 5 cent each time you dump a gallon of gas into your tank." 1492.

1. "While some may cry that it’s a tragedy of justice, it seems that death and martyrdom were just what Moussaoui wanted. Life without the possibility of parole seems to me to be a worse punishment than death." Myopic Zeal.

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