Sunday, May 07, 2006

Forgetful Democrats, and other stuff

Noteworthy news items...

5. A Democrat forgets Long Island is part of the Union.

"Under this logic--if it can be called that--Google or practically any other Web company would be liable for any illegal material that passes through its networks, servers, advertising programs or any other operations and infrastructure on the public Internet." Blogma.

4. Jawa Report and other blogs crushed by zealous anti-spam efforts.

"The denial-of-service attack that crashed TypePad and LiveJournal this week was caused by anti-spam company Blue Security, which pinned the target on the blog in an attempt to save its own servers, analysts said Thursday. Blue Security denied that it knew the attack would crash its blog host." Information Week.

3. Answer your phone. It rained 1.25 inches last night.

"Cell phone networks worldwide are on the brink of becoming sophisticated weather gauges, researchers say." National Geographic.

2. A good blowjob can thwart feelings of dread.

"The first study ever to look at where sensations of dread arise in the brain finds that contrary to what is widely believed, dread does not involve fear and anxiety in the moment of an unpleasant event. Instead, it derives from the attention that people devote beforehand to what they think will be extremely unpleasant." New York Times.

1. GI Partners purchases the web.

"GI Partners, based in Menlo Park, California, reportedly purchased a controlling interest in each of Everyone’s Internet ( and The Planet (, both of which are based in Texas." Web Host Industry Review.

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Shane McAdams said...

Do Dem's really forget - - - or do they just suffer from Selective Amnesia?