Saturday, May 06, 2006

Is Iraq worth the expense?

Iraqis cheered the crash of a British chopper today. It's obvious to objective folks that removing Saddam Hussein was worth the cost, but I'm beginning to doubt that Muslims are worthy of democracy. They can still prove me wrong, but I'm starting to think we need to build a large wall around the Middle East and let them live without the modern comforts the West has not only developed, but earned -- democracy, electicity, cars, computers, cell phones, and all the rest.

If we pulled out of Iraq today, the Muslims could go back to being clans with warlords. In time, perhaps 10 years, one would rise up as the biggest clan chief, and become the next Saddam Hussein. Autonomous, space-based weaponry would be employed to crush such an individual. Western lives lost: zero. Dangerous megalomaniacs killed: one. Cost: minimal.

If you'll remember, the purpose of the Iraq war was not to build a democratic utopia for the Iraqis, but to disarm Saddam Hussein. That was accomplished in a matter of months. Do we need to drag these folks from the stone age into the modern age? Is that our responsibility?

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