Friday, May 12, 2006

Blogging with Word 2007, and other stuff

Five items for your amusement...

5. "Those of you who have used Word's HTML output at any time in the past know that the code it produces has always been terrible, embedding hundreds of unnecessary manual font changes, eschewing cascading style sheets, and generally producing HTML that makes a typical web developer want to vomit. Friend insists that those days are now gone forever." ArsTechnica.

4. "Google Trends: This new toy from Google lets you enter terms separated by commas and it will graph their search popularity over time." Gadgetopia.

Google Trends
LGF tries it with "Jihad"

3. The European Space Agency is testing a Mars rover on a volcanic isle. View the pic here, and tell me it doesn't look like a small, steam-powered choo-choo train. Will it be powered by steam, or a hamster on a wheel -- wearing a tiny space suit?

2. A Florida jogger was attacked, killed, and dismembered by an alligator. Tell me again why people like Florida? Is it the gators, intense humidity, or the hurricanes? Seattle PI.

1. China is about to get its own Wikipedia, since Wikipedia is banned to Chinese citizens. Perhaps they can call it Oppressipedia. "Anyone can edit, and anyone can disappear!" AP via Yahoo News.


Cap'n Snortworthy said...

answer to #2: none of the choices you list. it's the grade-A cocaine influx that comes up from Columbia.

Buckus Wheatus III said...

"Cap'n snortworthy"? Is this Bubba?