Monday, May 01, 2006

Pinko de Mayo, and other stuff

A few good blog entries...

5. "You mean Candians killed all our men? Surley Allah has forsaken us now." Jawa Report.

4. "Of course, using their logic, Mexico should legalize convenience store robberies to allow police to focus on bank heists." Jawa Report.

3. "You think CNN is right-wing? ABC? MSNBC? CBS? NBC? The New York Times? Washington Post? Christ, this is the funniest thing I've read in days." Iowa Hawk.

2. "You know your massive illegal immigration protests are starting to backfire when even Teddy Kennedy is willing to say publicly that 'the Star Spangled Banner ought to be sung in English. Period.'” LGF, with video.

1. "It's amazing that anyone is against reasonable border control. No one wants to close the borders. Well, a few nuts do. But the vast majority of Americans expect the government to screen the traffic and find out who is entering the country." Hog on Ice is wishing everyone a happy Pinko de Mayo.

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