Sunday, March 26, 2006

Switzerland a haven for successful Europeans

A key difference between the USA and Europe is redistribution of wealth. It happens here, but to a lesser degree than uber-socialist Europe. Overtaxing people (punishing them for being successful) makes people wonder why they should even try, when they can kick back and soak up the entitlements. (We did see the gimme-something-for-nothing mentality in New Orleans, when an entire subculture of folks choosing to rely wholly upon government for their existence suddenly went without government coddling for three days -- their lives practically ended.)

In Europe people who work hard and succeed in life must flee.

Michael Schumacher, arguably the best Formula 1 driver in history, exited Germany for Switzerland long ago. He hasn't stated publicly his reasons, but everyone knows he abandoned Germany because he didn't want his money taken from him. And why the hell should he?

The world's 4th richest man, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, abandoned Sweden for Switzerland 30 years ago. It wasn't for the picturesque countryside, I'll warrant. A billionaire who drives a 15-year-old Volvo and flies coach isn't likely to throw money away needlessly, which is what successful folks in Sweden are forced to do because of socialism. (Reuters story here.)

If you want to see that kind of garbage here in the USA, vote for Hillarious Clinton.

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