Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston and the War on Terror

The lefty response

The White House is calling the Boston Massacre an act of terror. Well, that's odd, because Obama's State Department declared in April 2012, "The war on terror is over." This is going to be interesting to watch, after the recent Benghazi cover-up. Will there be more subterfuge from the prez? Not if the perpetrator is a Christian or white or an American, you can bet. Will the media immediately -- and erroneously -- try to connect the perpetrator to the Tea Party this time? Will they immediately -- and erroneously -- try to say the perpetrator listens to right-wing talk radio this time?

If an Islamist is behind the bombing, you can be sure the "terrorism" label will quietly fade away, to be replaced by laughable nonsense like "broad strata" and "vicarious trauma". The theory of the "tiny minority" will be trotted out because Americans are so uninformed they don't know the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt with 53% of the vote (ah, that would be a majority, folks), and they don't know what the Muslim Brotherhood is. The falsehood that terrorists are poor, and made so because of conservative foreign policy, will get dusted off and allowed to warm up under the spotlights. At the end of the day, if Islamic terrorists are behind this, you can bet the lefty media will blame not the perpetrator, but us.

2006 post about the Boston Marathon

This is my second post about the marathon. Here is the first one.

Democrats will...

Dems will do what they do whenever anything, anywhere in the world happens -- call for higher taxes, an expansion of the federal government, and a reduction in freedom. They're like a finely crafted Swiss watch, freshly wound. If a bird lands on a tree branch in Uganda, the Dems will call for higher taxes, an expansion of the federal government, and a reduction in freedom. Same thing if there's a light rain in Sri Lanka or a man takes a drink of tea in a London cafe.

Leftist press immediately after the bombing

Chris Mathews, MSNBC: Domestic terrorists tend to be far-right.

Huffington Post blogger: First thought was anti-government groups.

Luke Russert, NBC News: May be a Waco connection.

Esquire magazine: Speculated it is domestic terrorism.

CNN analyst: Right-wing extremist could be responsible.

Michael Moore tweet: "Tax Day. Patriots Day."

Nicholas Kristof, NYT, politicizes bombing immediately, attacking Republicans via Twitter: "explosion is a reminder the ATF needs director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment."

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