Tuesday, January 01, 2013

From guns to knives

It should come as no surprise that hardcore socialists around the world feel the same. The UK has a movement to ban "long pointed kitchen knives" many decades after the population lost its guns, and hence the ability to defend itself from criminality and tyranny. Here, as the Democrats are planning to overturn the 2nd Amendment, there has already been some talk of the next step -- going after knives.

The leftist ideology (communism, socialism, American liberalism) calls for a government that is all powerful and all controlling, and they're getting it, slowly, year after year. The government should be a replacement for your parents, they believe. Keeping people unarmed and weak just happens to be the best way to control them. Coincidence?

We're very fortunate to have the 2nd Amendment, otherwise the leftists might have us all living in rubber rooms, being fed by a tube, from cradle to grave. Can't get hurt that way. Now, if only the Founding Fathers had prohibited deficit spending, we might not have to suffer the fools in Washington who are presently arguing about adding a couple hundred billion dollars per year in tax revenue to combat a $1.3 trillion per year deficit.

It makes me wonder -- the wholly liberal K-12 public "education" system in America produces drones who graduate knowing all about tolerance and respect and their precious ethnicity, but read and do math at an 8th grade level. Perhaps this is why they hear leftists saying the wealthy must pay their fair share, and say, "Yeah, that's right!" without having the ability to understand what that means.

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