Friday, December 28, 2012

Compare press handling of Clinton and Cheney

When Dick Cheney accidentally blasted a friend with a shotgun during a hunting trip, libbies were outraged that it took a few days for the details to become public. Now, we have the Secretary of State getting dehydrated and suffering a concussion, and then disappearing. Just where the H is the Secretary of State for the United States of America? Nobody knows. What happened to her? Nobody knows. The press, oddly, leaves out the crucial piece of information. She was dehydrated, then suffered a concussion. She...what?... fell down, or something? Doesn't the public get to know what happened to such an important figure? WTF?

Something similar is happening with eulogies rolling in for Stormin Norman, the now-dead leader of the Gulf War. Even the liberal press is treating his memory well. They're also mentioning the "30 nation coalition," and rightfully so. This, however, is in sharp contrast to their treatment of the Iraq War, which was often described as Bush's hubris, or misadventure, or quagmire. It was, in fact, a 39 nation coalition. Quite a strange difference in reporting.

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