Friday, November 09, 2012

Patraeus is lying

I don't believe General Patraeus is quitting the CIA because he had an affair. The general handed in his resignation over the claimed affair, saying he showed "extremely poor judgment" and "unacceptable" behavior. I don't believe this because, in the left-wing world, this is no reason to be ashamed or quit -- just look at Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy or any of the other criminal leftists. Teddy got drunk and crashed a car into a creek and then abandoned a young woman to drown in the car. This didn't harm his political career.

Clinton, after Monica Lewinsky, and lying under oath to a federal judge, and then getting himself impeached, is now being used as an elder statesman to rouse the Democratic base.

There is no behavior low enough to cause liberals to walk away from someone -- therefore, Patraeus is lying. An affair is not a good enough reason to quit.

On the other hand, Patraeus was supposed to testify on Benghazi before legislators in two days. Now he can't do that. Amazing coincidence.

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