Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vehicle rampage in Cardiff, Wales

A city was terrorized as pedestrians were targeted by a van driver a few days ago. A suspect, described as "a 31-year-old man", was arrested and has now been charged with murder as well as 13 counts of attempted murder. Early report from BBC here. Latest article here.

I have a suspicion about this. The man has been in custody since Friday, and it's now late Sunday (early Monday in Wales), and we still don't have the perp's name. I'm thinking about all the times the leftist press (US, UK and Europe) has avoided naming criminals when they're from a minority group, especially jihadists. One can't help but be skeptical of socialist motives. We'll see what happens in this case. It may be a deranged local named Clive who was upset that his woman left him.

The stories I linked to above are from the BBC, a notoriously far-left news source with a massive bias against the native people of Britain/Wales/Scotland, etc. So, I checked ITV's coverage, and every single story says "31-year-old man". The Wales story is the most popular at They're using the same police language for the perp. Maybe this is policy in the UK? To hold names of the accused for a while? Seems fishy.

Here are just a couple of the countless examples of media shielding: UK doctors, Philly terror plot, the infamous Canadian "broad strata", Virginia-Pakistan. There's no end to the list. The leftist press was confused about how "young men from Minneapolis" could possibly have disappeared, only to appear in Somalia wearing bomb vests. Real shocker, that. Genuine head-scratcher for the socialists. My personal favorite is when NPR brought on a "specialist" to suggest that the Ft. Hood jihadist may have been suffering "vicarious trauma" because, as a psychiatrist, he had to listen to other people's troubles. The man held a Koran in one hand and shouted "Allahu Akbar" over and over again while he used the pistol in his other hand to commit mass murder. Vicarious, indeed.

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