Monday, October 15, 2012

The 'right' not to be offended

Muslims protesting Google in Dublin, Ireland have a fundamental misunderstanding of freedom, especially freedom of speech.

If freedom of speech is limited to speech that doesn't offend anyone, there would be no speech at all, because everything offends someone. Some very bright people, such as the founders of the U.S., stated specifically that protecting offensive speech is more important than protecting inoffensive speech. This is obvious to people of intelligence, or at least to people who have their emotions under control.

I've always believed another component of the "offense" crowd -- left-wing people, mostly -- is that the more easily offended you are, the weaker you are. Strong, confident people don't get offended easily.

I found the video at Atlas Shrugs. Also of note, the owner of that blog, Pamela Geller, made headlines with anti-jihad ads in the Wash. D.C. subway system. Now, CAIR has responded with ads of its own, which is prompting counter-ads from Geller and groups she's affiliated with. The Ad Wars have officially begun. I'm going to make popcorn and settle in.

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