Monday, October 15, 2012

Piers Morgan on Mitt Romney

CNN host Piers Morgan has written an interesting story about Mitt Romney for the Daily Mail. He slams Mitt for flip-flopping, which is mostly correct. This is one of the reasons Romney isn't my first choice for president. But Morgan says a lot of positive things, too, which is strange, coming from a member of the leftist aristocracy.

Here's something I didn't realize: apparently Romney is a rare species of politician. Morgan interviewed Romney a while ago; here's the Q&A:
    Q:  Have you ever drunk alcohol? A:  No.

    Q:  Have you ever taken drugs? A:  No.

    Q:  Have you ever had an affair? A:  No.

    Q:  Have you ever smoked a cigarette? A:  No.

    Q:  Do you ever use swear words? A:  No.
Morgan says if America goes for Romney, we will have "elected the squeakiest-clean man ever to run for the presidency in any country in the world." This is a huge shift from what we were hearing just a few months ago, when nearly all leftist media outlets were doing their level best to make an issue out of claims that Romney had pushed a fellow high school student into a locker in the 1960s. (That fell apart, as the alleged victim's family says it's nonsense.)

Compare Romney to one of the biggest heroes of the left -- Ted Kennedy. Here's a guy who spent most of his younger years as a drunkard. He abandoned a young woman to drown in the back seat of a car. Leftist heroes and Romney are on opposite poles. It speaks volumes.

On Obama, Morgan says:
    Obama is not a hated figure among most Americans by any means, which is why he may still scrape home. But there’s definitely a distinct disillusionment about his performance, even among many of his diehard supporters.
    The great messianic tidal wave of optimism Obama swept in on has been replaced by harsh reality.
    He promised Americans tremendous ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and, frankly, they don’t feel he’s given them much hope, or changed very much.
I think there are a couple of reasons we're seeing leftists appraise Romney with less of the harsh criticism we've seen in the past. For starters, Romney really is an excellent businessman and successful politician. He has plenty of political faults, like flip-flopping, which can't be swept under the carpet. But, his qualifications for president are clear and obvious, and these things can't be denied by reasonable people. By contrast, Obama's two years as an Illinois senator and years of leftist activism prior to that clearly didn't prepare him for the presidency.

Also, it must be said than CNN has decided that their survival depends on stepping towards the center. Those of us who have been watching CNN for years know that they have always been far-left, especially during the GWB era. I stopped watching them completely (except for occasional YT clips) because of their Iraq War coverage, which was in full support of the enemies of America, and I believe a lot of people did the same thing. CNN's ratings are so low, they realize that being a socialist megaphone isn't working, so they've swung towards the middle, and left MSNBC to languish on the far left.

If Piers Morgan can picture a Romney presidency without the standard bile and hatred, maybe the undecided voters in America can do the same thing.

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