Sunday, October 14, 2012

Same old Maureen Dowd

A New York Times whackjob has made creative, if not clever, excuses for her beloved Obama-Biden team. I could point out all of the idiotic problems in Dowd's new piece, but I don't have the time or space. Here are a few select gems:
    Biden’s weakest moment was on Libya, where he stumbled as he claimed that the White House didn’t know about requests for more security for diplomats there. It is likely true that such an appeal never made it through the Foggy Bottom bureaucracy to the West Wing. But the vice president should have been prepared to answer questions about a blunder that has scuffed the administration’s national security luster.
As the AP Fact Check said about the Libya portion of the debate, "Ryan is right." Dowd admits this, but look at how she does it. Obama has lied to the American public several times, as even CBS and CNN have pointed out -- MSNBC is still in Mr. Rogers Leftist Neighborhood, hoping their viewers don't get their news from any other source. Dowd's explanation? "Foggy Bottom bureaucracy." Not her man's fault at all. No siree, it's bureaucracy, not blatant lies from the Messiah.

Dowd also lies with her acknowledgement of getting the "luster" of Obama's national security acumen "scuffed." That's a lie because there was never any luster to begin with. A turd cannot be polished, and therefore cannot be scuffed.
    That’s a scary thing unless you want to go back to the messianic mind-set of imprinting our “values” in the Islamic world, an attitude that brought us interminable wars and trillion-dollar deficits.
This one is probably the worst of the bunch. Obama's plan for the Middle East involved "talking to" Muslims. In fact, his number one goal for NASA was (or is? nobody really knows) "outreach with the Muslim world." How's that working out for Obama? How did all this talk work out when Al Qaeda orchestrated an attack on our embassy in Libya, getting our ambassador and three other State Department employees brutally savaged? Did the Navy Seals use conversation or bullets to take down Bin Laden? Any, as in any, foreign policy would be preferable to Obama's. I'd take Big Bird running our foreign policy over Obama's delusions and lies.

And, the deficits weren't brought on by the wars, although they didn't help our finances. The deficits were brought on by TARP and the first round of stimulus under Bush, something I despised. Dowd is hoping her readers don't know that Obama has, single-handedly, increased the nation's debt by almost 50% in less than four years. Those are staggering numbers, so much so that I look on people who tell me they plan to vote for Obama as stupid idiots. I'm too polite to tell them, but my eyes narrow whenever I heard people saying Obama's doing a good job and will get their vote.

I feel that way because anyone, such as Dowd, who wants to retain a man who increased our debt from $10.4 trillion to $16 trillion in less than four years is somebody who wants to damage this country. It's a colossal failure of the Founding Fathers that this kind of spending wasn't clearly forbidden, in an iron clad manner, in the Constitution. As a test, I'd like to see Obama supporters run their personal finances at a 40% deficit for four years and see how it pans out. If they're unwilling to ruin themselves, I wonder why they're willing to ruin the country?
    Ronald Reagan knew how to bluster for peace. Neocons do not. When they run the show, threatening a war is followed by going to war and that is followed by bollixing up the war and that is followed by our troops’ dying at war and money-pit nation-building to end the war, and that is followed by economic disaster for America.
Here Dowd is blaming the recession and a wallowing recovery on war. She knows, but hopes her readers don't, that the recession began with gas price spikes. The downfall of GM began before the mortgage crisis hit, remember? There were media stories 24/7 showing people trading in SUVs for subcompacts, and distraught dealers failing to move lots full of SUVs and trucks. After that, the mortgage crisis hit, and the rest is history -- that is, unless you're a far-left liberal who uses a left-wing propaganda organ like The New York Times to rewrite history. With any luck, the American people will remember their history in November, especially the last four years.

Romney is nowhere near my first choice for president, but out of 312,000,000 people in America, Obama is my last choice.

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