Sunday, October 14, 2012


I just learned that Big Bird is richer than Romney. In fact, he's 'richer than rich, till you Republicans come and get me.' This is interesting information, considering the liberals are planning a "million muppet march" in Washington DC to save Big Bird and PBS. From NewsMax, emphasis added:
    Big Bird is richer than Mitt Romney. Sesame Workshop (successor to Children's Television Workshop), reported to the IRS a $356-million net worth as of June 30, 2011, compared to Romney's estimated worth of about $250-million.
    Obviously, Big Bird's nest is well-feathered. His diet isn't exactly bird seed.
    Despite scare headlines, (such as HuffPo's "Mitt Romney's Big Bird Attack Threatens Thousands of U.S. Jobs") this avian is no endangered species.
    Sesame Workshop boasts its $356-million value even after it paid $180-million in 2000 to buy-out the rights to the Muppets from the late Jim Henson.
    Sesame Workshop has a liquid cushion of over $130-million in cash and securities, while other parts of the current worth are labeled "intangible" assets. Royalty receipts alone generate $47 million a year, thanks to annual sales of $515 million in Sesame Street branded products, according to Forbes.
Somebody has to explain to me why I'm an involuntary member of PBS, when these people are raking in millions of dollars per year.

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