Friday, September 07, 2012

Words Matter

Here's a great video of Obama. The editor calls it an un-narrated documentry, and the quality is good enough to warrant this description. It's just over 13 minutes, and I guarantee you won't stop until you get through all of it. It's very well done.

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Unknown said...

Wow, this video does a great job of tying this president’s web of lies and deceit together and the impact to our once great nation before all this Obama self induced chaos.

Don, please add this to your blog. It’s a perfect illustration of the kind of person Romney talks about regarding the 47% remark. Per recent government stats Romney was close, more like 49%. It’s an absolute shame that so many of Americas people do not see this nation for its abundance and equal access to prosperity.

I mostly blame the political charlatans, academia, minority leaders and media that poison and brainwash people’s minds into believing that they are victims and would never make it if not for some government hand out. Which in essence keeps progressives/ liberals/democrats (sorry for the redundancy) in eternal positions of power and enslaves generations of Americans, keeping them and future generations in perpetual poverty in the process.