Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More government malfeasance in California

California is again caught wasting extreme amounts of money. Over $400k was spent on iPads alone for gubment workers in the last year and a half. CBS San Fran:
    Records show that state agencies have spent $423,000 on iPads during the 19 months since Gov. Jerry Brown declared that his administration would do away with cell phones and cars for government workers.
The list of officially outed governments in California is growing, and we know that all governments are run exactly the same way, they just haven't made it into the news. These stories show what everyone already knows -- government should be smaller and more efficient. New restrictions (and/or constitutional amendments) need to be enacted to increase our protection from government. That applies to our federal government too.

City of Bell

City of Hermosa Beach and City of Poway

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