Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great year to be an American

Despite the best efforts of leftists, America is still on top. Whether it's the military, science, or athletics, there's no place better than the USA. Democrats must be very sad. For them, people shouldn't strive to be the best. The year has been marked by nationalism, competition, and winning -- the three things hated most by lefties.

UPDATE: Leave it to a liberal Washington Post reporter, Paul Farhi, to speak against Americans who support the USA in the Olympics -- and compare it to Hitler's support of German athletes in the 1936 Berlin games.
    Certainly, America’s current Olympic chauvinism (USA! USA!) is mild compared with Adolf Hitler’s grotesque perversion of the 1936 Berlin Games or the long arc of the Cold War era. For a couple of generations, high jumpers and hockey players weren’t merely athletes; they were proxies for the superiority of the American or Soviet “system.” The U.S.-Soviet rivalry took many forms, most of them ugly, such as the tit-for-tat Olympic boycotts of 1980 and 1984. To this day, the bitterness of that era still lingers; the 1972 American basketball team, which was “robbed” of the gold medal in its game against the Soviets, has refused to accept its silver medal.
Here's a study in contrasts: liberal loons like Farhi think it's bad taste to show -- or even feel? -- nationalism at the Olympics. And, of course, it's terrible to even discuss the hated money. The horror. Here's how the rest of the world feels about their home country, and about winning:

Here's the Irish reaction to their Katie Taylor winning the country's only gold medal of the games, and what a great reaction it was -- well deserved. (turn volume down!!):

Jamaican grocery store -- spontaneous reaction to a Jamaican victory:

This is how bank patrons in the Bahamas reacted when the country won its first-ever Olympic gold medal:

The Washington Post's Farhi must feel very embarrassed for people around the world, supporting their country. I wonder if he realizes very few people, anywhere on earth, are like him?

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