Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Far left goons will moderate presidential debates

When McCain ran against Obama, it was clear he was unwilling to fight. Romney is a little better, but not much. He needs to refuse to attend debates run by far-left moderators. Make an issue out of it, call out each of these liberal "journalists". There are hundreds of examples of clear, pro-left bias for every news organization, and each individual moderator, on the list. PBS?? PBS? The organization that believes Obama can do no wrong, and thinks conservative foreign policy flew planes in to the WTC? And thinks the Ft. Hood jihadist suffered vicarious trauma? Does Romney want to win, or not?

I think Romney's trying too hard to win the middle -- McCain's Gambit -- when he should be winning the right.

Only one guy, to my knowledge, has demonstrated a willingness to stand up to liberal moderators:

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