Friday, July 20, 2012

Left immediately tries to weaken you after Colorado massacre

Later in the same day as the Colorado theater massacre, the left wing is calling for an end to private gun ownership. It never, ever fails to happen: a criminal commits a crime, and the communists waste little time trying to make you weaker and more dependent on government.

Taking away guns from the good people will only make these massacres worse. Allowing greater access to concealed handguns would prevent a lot of these atrocities. The video I posted below shows a 71-year-old man -- with a permit to carry -- shooting at armed robbers at an internet cafe. This works well because police are almost never going to happen along when you need them. Our safety is largely in our own hands, and lefties want to reduce that.

Some gun owners will do bad things, no doubt, like shooting up theaters. Bad things are done by people who own cars, claw hammers, and frying pans, too. Let's ban them all, right liberals? We should all live in government-imposed rubber rooms because you are afraid of guns and want an all-powerful government, right liberals?

I'm now waiting for massive liberal lies, just like happened after the Loughner shooting in Arizona a year and a half ago. Lefties immediately said the shooter was a regular listener of right-wing talk radio and we need to usher in a more civil era. All of these things were lies -- Loughner never listened to talk radio, of any kind, and the lefty "era of civility" lasted one month, when death threats against Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin began in earnest. So, what big lies are going to come out of the mouths of Democrats this time?

UPDATE: The liberal lies are raining from the sky already. ABC News has tried to tie the shooter to the Tea Party. In fact, he was a Democrat.

Almost beyond belief, Obama seems to be doing the right thing. He's held a prayer, etc., and said that politics doesn't have any place in today's tragedy. Too bad his lefty followers disagree.

Here's a partial list of lefties demanding more gun control and other lefty lunacy:

MYC mayor Bloomberg
Michael Moore
Time Magazine ('nothing wrong with politicizing tragedy')
Roger Ebert
John Leguizamo
Daily Kos (and most other lefty blogs)
ABC News (tried to connect shooter to Tea Party, forced to apologize)
Salman Rushdie

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Henry Krinkle said...

Don't forget about that obese cunt Rosie O' Donnell.