Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New study of UC system shows rabid leftism

Everyone except the Great Unwashed knows our universities are hotbeds of Marxism. A new study by the National Association of Scholars has issued a report called "Special Report: A Crisis of Confidence". Here's a link to the PDF.

From Section 4:
    What Gross and Simmons had really shown was that the faculty in their sample were 9 percent conservative (though not very), 10 percent slightly left, and 80 percent solidly left, with half of those extreme left. Ilya Somin17 reached much the same conclusion as to the true identity of these alleged “moderates” in a different way. He simply noted the huge discrepancy between the Gross and Simmons figures for moderates and their data for the 2004 presidential election. While according to exit polls the genuine moderates had voted for John Kerry by a 54-45 margin, almost all of the Gross and Simmons moderates had voted for him.
That's 90% left, 9% conservative. Now throw in K-12, the media and Hollywood, and you can see why the country is screwed. A nation of weak people dependent on government for just about everything is being cultivated from the seed. The future looks bleak, unless you're lazy and uneducated and plan to suck on the public teet.

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Henry Krinkle said...

They had to do a study to prove that?