Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make YouTube better

How to make YouTube better:

1. Nobody under 25 allowed. I'm tired of good videos getting drowned out by teenage kids delivering bad monologues about world events, something they won't understand for quite a few years. Let's give them a special DunceTube that they can call their own.

2. No soccer. Yeah, I realize most of the world loves it, but I think it's a lame sport. People running around kicking a ball? Gimme a break. Give them SoccerTube. Anybody who uploads a video of people skipping around, kicking a ball back and forth, should be banned for life.

3. No Unboxing videos. I appreciate product review videos, but I don't need to watch some punk taking a tech device out of a box. The creep who started the "unboxing" craze should be hanged in the Iranian style, from a crane.

4. No Russians except car crashes. Let's put Russian videos behind a Digital Curtain.

5. No Alex Jones. Let him keep one video up that summarizes all of his videos: "Everyone is out to get you."

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