Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voter fraud, and who supports it

A man walks into a polling place and asks for AG Eric Holder's ballot, and gets it. Still think VoterID is a bad idea? One ideology wants election fraud to continue, and all of the others don't. Do you know which is which? From the video: "I actually forgot my ID." Poll worker: "You don't need it, it's alright."

Why do Democrats like voter fraud?

a) Dems know that most felons who vote fraudulently will vote for them.

b) Dems know that most illegal aliens who vote fraudulently will vote for them.

c) Dems know that most people who vote multiple times will vote for them.

d) All of the above

The correct answer is, of course, "d". The most troubling thing about the Democrats' desire for voter fraud? Anyone who comes out against it is immediately labeled a racist.

Perhaps people doubt the Democrats really support this kind of thing. Holder himself was shown in the video, saying, "There is no problem." Today Al Sharpton on MSLSD said the video was made by "a Right Wing trickster." He also made sure we understood, "So they can't point to any widespread fraud." The Coup de Grace? Sharpton said, "They'll do anything to suppress 5 million voters." Whaaaaat? The man is actually on live national TV saying fraud is fine. No problem here. Move along.

Here's a video showing dead people voting.

The videos come from Project Veritas, on YouTube and at their website.

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