Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost ready to ditch Google Chrome

Unless someone can think of a reason to keep Chrome as my browser, I'm getting ready to jettison the thing into deep space.

I had been a Firefox man for many years, but starting a year ago I kept having continual Flash crashes. I de-reinstalled the OS, Firefox, etc. The problem is on Win7 and Vista (2 diff machines). Read all the help files, no malware, etc. I went to Chrome and everything was luvyduvy until I started up with Netflix streaming. Pegs every processor I have at 100%. I switched to IE and everything is fine, with only 25% processor usage.

Looks like things are coming around the circle. I was using IE in the mid 1990s, then Netscape, then Firefox until 2011, then Chrome, and now I'm going back to IE. It's the only browser that doesn't cause problems for me.

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