Friday, March 16, 2012

Webcam defendant guilty of 'hate crime'

The Rutgers student who broadcast his roommate's gay hookup on the internet is facing 10 years or more for hate crimes and other crimes. A hate crime is a thought crime. Even George Orwell would be shocked at what liberals have done here with these laws. LA Times:
    Ravi sat silently, his face betraying little emotion, as the word “guilty” sounded throughout a New Jersey courtroom. He faced 15 counts in the case, which made national news in September 2010 after Clementi, who was 18, hurled himself from the George Washington Bridge in the New York City area after learning that Ravi had set up a webcam in their dorm room and captured him in an intimate encounter with a date.
Maybe now the young man will do what I believe everyone should do -- take a look at the problems in America (thought crimes in this instance) and find out which political ideology is behind most of them.

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