Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's State of the Union

Tonight Our Little President™ will give another State of the Union address. This one should be very interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it's a campaign speech, so it will mention what he has accomplished and all of the important work still to do. He will try to portray himself as a job creator and tax cutter. He is the opposite, but he will need to change his image or risk losing the election.

The second reason I think the address will be interesting is more nebulous. Last year Our Little President™ made my job drop onto the floor when he gave an overt message to his fellow communists. He said we need a "Sputnik moment," choosing the greatest achievement of the Soviet Union to inspire Americans. Mentioning Sputnik to Americans was more stunning, and galling, than the actual achievement.

If nothing else, Obama will keep banging the drum for the general leftist feeling on success: it's evil. He will talk about money being some sort of natural resource that belongs to all of us and needs to be evenly given out. Basically, he will do what Democrat politicians always do, tell poor people they're poor because rich people are rich, and he'll promise them a bunch of free stuff.

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