Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Critique of bait cars reveals Liberalism

An LA Times story talks about the high cost of bait cars and low level of offender. As is typical of news stories, this one begins with a personal story, in this case a person who could only be described as a life-long criminal and drug addict.
    Lamb was walking along a North Hollywood street in the middle of the night last November when she spotted an unattended car — engine running, doors wide open — with 30 cartons of cigarettes in a Marlboro box on the passenger seat.
This person, named Lamb, took the cigarettes and, naturally, the car was a police bait car. She was arrested and is facing 10 years in prison. Lamb has a rap sheet going back two decades.

The story is questioning the high cost of the bait car program and the relatively low value of the criminals it catches, such as Lamb. It's an interesting question, and I think it should be asked.

That's not the real problem here, though.
    It comes too late to spare Elaine Lamb, but the bait car program has been discontinued by new Valley Commander Jorge A. Villegas.
Spare Elain Lamb? That's Liberalism right there. Strangely, Liberals feel that criminals are victims. The reality, in contrast to the Liberal worldview, is that for 20 years Ms. Lamb has plagued society, and now society can express its displeasure at her behavior.

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