Thursday, December 15, 2011

BBC tries to increase taxes with prostitution

The BBC has brought bad journalism and socialist activism to the forefront again with a new article on student prostitution in Britain. The premise appears sound -- some students are turning to prostitution to pay for their education. It is anything but sound, as even a quick read of the article shows.

The article quickly becomes comical, as the BBC writers try to take a woman with many options and portray her as a woman with no options, all because the government reduced the free money she is receiving.
    "I couldn't go to college without EMA. My travel costs are £70 a month, without it I don't know what I'd have done. I didn't know who I could go to in college, and I didn't want to rely on my family."
Already the "sex worker" has divulged the reason she's a whore.

The laughs keep coming throughout the piece:
    "I began looking for jobs, but the hours were unsociable."
Unsociable hours? The BBC makes clear its position -- an uncaring government making evil budget cuts is forcing precious little darlings of British society into prostitution just to attend school. This passes for journalism at the BBC?

The BBC is moving full speed ahead, no reason to stop:
    "I had a friend who'd been trying to get me to join his escort agency since I was 16. He was telling me stories about how much I could earn, how the hours would fit around me, that I could control who I saw, when I saw them and how often.

    "It just sounded more desirable. I couldn't see any other option."
What sort of person has a friend who tries to pimp her out at age 16? I think we're getting to the nut of the real problem now, and it has nothing to do with budget cuts. The coup de grace: the woman explains she "couldn't see any other option" after saying she didn't want to ask her family for help and didn't want to work.

The remainder of the article talks about those terrible government budget cuts. The BBC's goal here is to increase taxation on the people of the UK. It's standard BBC fare.

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