Monday, October 17, 2011

Lefty media creating 'diversity' factor in Occupy protests

Beginning two days after the Occupy Wallstreet protests began, I heard NBC and then NPR talk about the "increasing diversity" seen at the protests. I've watched at least 50 videos of the protests at YouTube, and I see an almost entirely white crowd. I've even watched the numerous nasty, anti-semitic videos. It's interesting that lefty media claims the Tea Party is racist, when Tea Party darling Herman Cain is anything but white, but when really sickening racism is being spewed by the Occupy folks, the media completely ignores it. Hmmmm.

So, when I heard the far-left media begin to talk about "increasing diversity", and noticed that the claim was counter to what was really happening, I had to wonder, Why? With an acknowledged absence of a smoking gun, I think the answer is obvious: it's a setup to play the race card. If the media can show there are minorities present, then they can yell "Racist!" at people who speak against the protests. You've got to hand it to the communists (or socialists or liberals or progressives or whatever they want to be called), they're always planning ahead.

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