Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calif Libs baying for tax increases again

Remember the "good old days" when people played plastic records with a diamond stylus dragging along the grooves? Remember how they'd skip? That skipping is just like California lefties and their insatiable appetite for higher taxes. This time it's a far-left writer for the LA Times -- doesn't make the guy unique -- who wants higher gas taxes to "pay for much-needed projects." From the story:
    A massive public works program is essential to stimulate the stagnant economy, create tens of thousands of jobs and — over the long haul — restore California to greatness after decades of sweeping its decaying infrastructure under the political rug.
The writer, George Skelton, represents the far-left viewpoint: increase taxes to provide jobs. I have a better idea: reduce taxes on small businesses and provide other benefits to them. This is where more than half of the jobs are, so let's provide incentives for hiring, which should also include a more friendly regulatory climate. Once we get business to hire again, the tax base will increase, which will give the state government more money to spend on transportation projects.

Even better, let's get the far-left government to tighten its belt, to include reducing union pay and benefits. In other words, let's get government to stop wasting the money it has now before we think about giving it more. Why, exactly, would anyone want to give a government more money, when that government has a long track record of fiscal mismanagement?

Besides, raising gas taxes when prices are nearly $4 per gallon is obscene on its face. I'm telling you, it's a real challenge living in a communist country like California

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