Monday, May 23, 2011

O'bama in Ireland

Ireland is an interesting place to visit, especially with the media speculating that he's there because he's Irish on his mother's side. This is doubtful, considering our prez calls himself "black", thereby denying all of his white heritage.

A much more likely explanation for the visit is Ireland's finances. Ireland's leaders have failed them, destroying their economy with bad fiscal policies and overspending. Obama's doing everything he can to see that we fail in a similar manner ($1.3 trillion dollars per year in deficit spending), so he's going to Ireland to learn from the experts on how to properly kill an economy.

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JC Skinner said...

You should read the speech he gave - pitched squarely at the 'begorrah, the oul sod' Irish-America and the Irish themselves (one of only two nations who buy into their own kitsch) without saying anything of substance in relation to Ireland, America, the global economy or indeed anything else of import.
This man is a cypher if ever there was one.
Ireland, like Greece, has been brought to its knees by international bankers, who are currently working along with Ben Bernanke to similarly impoverish and make serfs of the American people.
Whether Obama is complicit in this, or merely too stupid to notice is neither here nor there.
So long as he spouts platitudes that distract the masses, the bankers can keep on thieving with impunity.