Monday, May 23, 2011

LA Times against national security and self sufficiency

Everything I have read points to this: the U.S. can get 80% of the oil it needs from Canada, Mexico, and from our own sources. The rest can come from someplace reasonable, like Brazil. What's standing in the way of this obvious necessity? Communists at the LA Times:

    This country can't drill its way to lower gasoline prices. Yet President Obama is opening the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska to more drilling, and Republicans in the House passed legislation — rejected in the Senate — to expand offshore drilling in federal waters near Southern California, Alaska and in the Atlantic Ocean while weakening environmental protections. Both were ineffective responses to the public outcry over $4-plus-a-gallon gas.

In contrast to everything the LA Times opinion page is trying to tell us, the mere mentioning of a small desire to harvest more of our own natural resources causes gas prices to plummet. Case in point: the two items the LA Times lists above -- Obama making a small speech about more drilling and the House passing drilling legislation -- are responsible for the current drop in prices. Can you imagine what would happen if we actually increased drilling, rather than just talked about it?

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