Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden dead

Navy seals took down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Great news, except we (and the world) will need to see the body. There have been so many lies (and a six-layered digital image of a birth certificate) from the current president that I'll need to see irrefutable proof.

I found some unsettling things as I checked socialist media:


Here's what someone called "Jeralyn" says about Osama's death, emphasis added:

    Justice is done when someone is apprehended and brought to trial, and convicted or acquitted. Murdering a suspect is not bringing him to justice.

    What changes Osama's death will bring: Heightened security measures, retributive attacks, and years more of the Government's war on terror and war in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    I can understand that people are relieved Osama bin Laden is dead. I cannot understand cheering his murder. Murder is not a cause for jubilation.

This is part of the problem we're facing. This is the Fifth Column. Hey, libbies, Osama bin Laden was a military target. It's not murder. Remember when Obama lied about closing Guantanamo Bay, and also promised to put the terrorists on trial in civilian courts, within the United States? Same problem. They're enemy combatants, not civilian criminals. These are basic concepts that have been around for many years, so I don't understand why socialists can't comprehend them.


The socialists made sure to say that for Pakistanis, Osama bin Laden "has faded". That's odd, considering bin Laden is a hero to the Muslim world. In Pakistan, and the Palestinian territories and in all Muslim countries, there were parades and street celebrations for 9/11. Now, their hero "has faded"? That's very unlikely.

On the day America's worst enemy is brought down, these weirdo socialists are still running interference, still warping reality to strengthen our enemies. If the hero worship for the mass murderer "has faded", I wonder why the State Department issued security advisories world wide?

Should Muslims decide to lose control of themselves, like when cartoons of Mohammed are published, it will be interesting to watch public media try to deny the video evidence or fall back on the old standby of blaming conservative foreign policy.

Daily Kos

Their lead right now, front and center, has .... not the military, not our people celebrating in Times Square, but quotes from ... wait for it ... Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. These are the people who sided against the United States in the Iraq War. These are the people who called the War on Terror, Bush's War on Terror. Reid said, "The war in Iraq is lost." I can't think of any opinion less important.

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the drake said...

I dunno, Don. The Liberalis claim he's been dead for years, that the Booooooosh Regime kept him alive, played by various actors, because the Booooosh and Cheney needed a "boogeyman." So we must apply the same to The HNIC. (yes folks, I said HNIC, and if you dont like it, GFY) [ Donnie, please dont edit that out, unless you really feel the need and I'll understand].

Recall Obama's video speech where his beard was black, not grey? A "new" actor, said the Libs, the FreakHead Conspiracy Theorists.

So, Obama may or may not be dead. Or, maybe I am on hiatus because I was playing the role for the govt, and soon will be moving up to the role of Ghaddafi. Seriously.

The Sopranos rules!

Take care donnie.