Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bin Laden's fate

It's interesting that when their guys kill some of our guys, our guys get burned to cinders and then dragged through the streets or beheaded, and when our guys kill some of their guys, their guys get full religious rights and an honorable burial.

Why the difference? Fear and cowardice. I don't know who I like less, Al Qaeda or Liberals. Oddly enough, they were on the same side when Bush was in office.

Bin Laden's corpse should have been propped up in a barrel of pig's blood on the white house lawn, with a pork chop shoved in its mouth and quarters over the eyes.

Also, it's clear there never was a press strategy, which demonstrates, yet again, the total incompetence of the administration. When you surround yourself with tax cheats and communists, it's hard to get things to run properly.

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