Friday, February 04, 2011

Shoot It™: Fossa

The BBC has pulled out all the stops to make humans hate themselves in a new story about an unusual predator in Madagascar. The hapless animal is dwindling in numbers because the Evil Humans are pushing back its habitat and preventing them from killing livestock.

The rancidly socialist BBC used all of the hyper-emotive words we've come to expect from weird leftists:


    uncertain future

    declining rapidly

    critically endangered

    fewer than 2500 survive


    perilous state

    fall in the numbers

    habitat desctrution

    dwindling forest

    three years left to see fossas

    faces other threats

    might soon go extinct

I think the BBC got every sad phrase in there. Did they miss any? I think they got 'em all. Reading the story was like drinking pure maple syrup. I'm disappointed they didn't try to link the decline of the fossa to global warming climate change. Skilled leftist agitators could have tried harder to make us hate ourselves.

The story was very similar to one about frogs from a couple of years ago.

Instead of crying about the impending demise of a species nobody knows about or cares about, why not just shoot them and get it over with quickly? Why drag out the inevitable?

The Shoot It™ series can be found here.

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