Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The upside to the Moscow airport bombing

From NY Times:

    The smoke was so thick after the blast that it was hard to count the dead. Hours later arriving passengers stepped into the hall to see the wounded still being loaded onto stretchers. Ambulances sped away crowded with three or four patients apiece, bleeding heavily from shrapnel wounds. By nightfall, officials reported that at least 35 people had been killed and 168 wounded.

The upside: again we'll get to see how a country with a backbone handles terrorism. The Russians won't seek to coddle their militant Muslims like infants, nor worry about their precious rights. They won't refocus their space program for "outreach with Muslim nations" like Obama did with NASA. Their leaders won't be afraid of the words "terrorism" or "Islam". Their press won't seek to blame their own people, or angry rhetoric, or anything besides the true cause.

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