Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Bowl XXXLVIXXLEIALKSDFNADS and the 2010 season

I pick the Steelers to win the game because they're a better team.

My 2010 season favorites

The Colts and Patriots didn't make it to the Big Game.

The Saints didn't make it. I like Drew Brees as much as the next guy, but I'm tired of hearing about "making a difference for New Orleans after Katrina." Enough already. That localized patriotism was okay for a couple of years, now it's time to zip it.

The Jets didn't make it. Two years in a row (three?) the Jets prove that overachieving alone can't get a ring. A team that gets half (two thirds?) of its wins during the final minutes or OT -- usually coming back -- doesn't have what it takes. Peter Principle anyone?

Denver didn't make it. The Broncos and their fans are the biggest complainers in football. Every quarterback who sets foot in Denver and isn't the next Elway is booted. Same for the coaches. Maybe they should learn to win games without Elway? Just a thought.

The Raiders and Chiefs showed improvement. The Chargers have had it too easy in that division for too long. The Raiders even lifted a couple of blackouts.

The Cowboys imploded, but it's not what you're thinking. I've always liked them, and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can properly rebuild.


Current valuation of the Minnesota Vikings? Let's see, no coach, no quarterback, no stadium, pint-sized market. Can't be worth more than $80. Adrian Peterson is going to be the next Barry Sanders -- a phenomenal runner destined to languish on a team that isn't serious about winning a Super Bowl. The Vikings should move to Los Angeles. Snow won't cave in a stadium there.

Detroit Lions: why doesn't this team disband? I think it would be a relief for the fans. No more anger and disappointment.

Cincy and Cleveland: WTF? The only good professional football in Ohio is at Ohio State University.

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